Orange River 4 day Rafting Expedition

Price from: R3 800 pp

Duration: 4 days

Deep in the Kalahari, the Orange river cuts through a moonscape of granite cliffs with the amazing Gariep Falls tumbling into the Orange River Gorge. We raft downriver over several days. Our Camp sites along the river are as unique as the experience.

The Highlight of the Orange River rafting trip will be the portage into the gorge itself – once at the bottom of the gorge we paddle a few meters up to where we see the waterfall dropping into the gorge itself. Here we will lower equipment in the Gorge +/- 50 meters down to the river below the waterfall.

The Orange River Gorge is a very remote destination and only accessible by foot or rafting – it is one of the most undisturbed sights you will ever witness. This experience will be one of the highlights of our expedition if not your life. We will also spend some time “monster fishing” and if you don’t know how to fish one of our experienced guides will assist you. At night around a small contained fire we will look up at the stars and experience a sight unlike you have ever witnessed.


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A Full itinerary will be provided once the booking has been confirmed.

During the rafting trip we aim for the following:

  • We prefer clients to have a leisurely time along, and on route from our entry to take out on the river section we visit. For this reason an average of 5 to 8 km a day of paddling will be part of the experience.
  • For most this will still leave ample time to enjoy hikes in and around our camp sites or simply take the time to land that “big” elusive fish. Before we settle in for the night around the camp fire.


What should I bring?

A Full list will be provided once booked.

What should I wear?

A Full list will be provided once booked.

How fit do I need to be?

  • Expedition members must be in good health.

What skills do I need?

No children under the age of 5.