TripTic Sanctuary Visit

Price from: R520/R260 (adult/child)

Duration: To do all 3 in 1 day arrive no later than 2pm

The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance is one of the award winner of the Responsible Tourism Award, as well as the Gold Award Winner for the Best Animal Welfare Initiative at the WRT, the Award Winner for the Skal International Sustainable Tourism Award as well as the Award winner of the Lilizela Service Excellence Tourism Award for Best Visitors Experience.

Our Three Sanctuaries are:

  • Monkeyland = World First and largest free roaming primate sanctuary hosting 11 Species and over 550 primates. = At Monkeyland the client will go on a 1 hour guided tour into our 12 hectare forest with one of our trained professional guides. = The guides will attempt to find as many different species and give the clients ample time to take photos and ask questions. = Languages available = English, Afrikaans, French, Spanish, German and at times others. Please stipulate Language preference at booking.

  • Birds of Eden = World's largest single dome free flight aviary hosting over 200 species and nearly 3 500 birds = Clients have the option of going on a self-guided tour through our 3 hectare aviary on our specially build boardwalks or requesting a guide to walk them through the aviary and telling them all about the different birds.
    = If you have a large group or on a tight time schedule we recommend going with a guide which will take an hour.

  • Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary = The first sanctuary of its kind with enclosures built especially for the animal’s needs and personality, hosting Apex Cats and other Predator and wildlife Animals. = Clients go on a 1 – 1 ½ hour tour with a professional and trained guide into the sanctuary. You walk past the enclosures while the guide tells you about the past, present and interesting facts of the animals you see.
    = We have specially build photography ramps from where you can take amazing photos


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Entrance to all three sanctuaries

What should I bring?

Sunscreen and mosquito repellent

What should I wear?

Comfortable walking shoes are better than slops, sandals etc. At Jukani a hat is advised especially for children.

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