Full Day Soweto Bicycle Tour

Price from: R795 per person

Duration: 8 hours

An opportunity of a life time to see and learn more about Soweto's history, its people and life today with this full day experience of cycling through Soweto. The tour offers a lot of stops for you to have both a relaxed and adventurous tour.

The tour offers you visit to all historical landmarks around our part of Soweto as well as some of the hidden spots.

See the many different faces of Soweto as we tour within small communities as well as a few busy streets. Experience the hard conditions in the squatter camps and learn what projects are in place to offer housing for all. See as well how other parts of Soweto has grown and developed and how small suburbs with a few "mansions" here and there have popped up.

Go inside the Hector Pieterson Museum and get in-depth knowledge about Soweto's history and the students uprisings. Stop at a local restaurant to taste what Sowetan's much for lunch, relax a bit and then head off to another part of Soweto called Kliptown famous for the Freedom Square. We also take you inside Kliptown informal settlement to meet people and organisations working for social upliftment.

This tour gives you the stories of the struggle, a taste of local food and drinks, close up experience of Soweto's different communities and a full day adventure cycling the streets of Soweto!

Lunch included: 3-4 hours into the tour we will have a lunch break at our "Outdoor Restaurant" with seating in the community park. The meal is a delicious African stew cooked the traditional way â?? over the fire â?? served with the popular staple - Pap (maize porridge).


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Start at Lebo's Soweto Backpackers and get to the first stop which is a look out point of Orlando West and East. View the surroundings of the township including the famous soccer team Orlando Pirates home-ground - Orlando Stadium while the guide takes you through the history of Soweto as well as current developments and life today. Learn one of the many greetings to interact with people along the way!

Our next stop is at Mzhimhlope Men's hostel - a former migrant workers hostel. The guide will take you through how mostly men from around the country moved in to Johannesburg and its townships to work in the gold mines, the conditions these men lived in and how the area has now transformed to a community part of Soweto. In this area, many are still practicing many of the African customs and traditions which you will learn more about.

The tour continues to the vibrant community of Meadowlands famous for the forced removals from Sophiatown in Johannesburg in the 1950's. At this stop the guide will take you through the history how people were forced removed and segregated.

We continue from here to cruise our way along the small streets of the township, stopping at street stalls selling popular township snacks, fruit and "ice lollies".

The tour thereafter stops by one of Soweto's few "mansions" owned by jazz musician Abigail Khubeka who used to perform with "Mama Africa" â?? Miriam Makeba. Hear the guide singing a few of her tunes and sing along if you know them!

As the tour continues along the "Soweto struggle route" various stops that will teach you more about the fight against Apartheid is included â?? stop at the former PAC (Pan African Congress) leader Zeph Mothopeng's home and get to know more about this radical anti-Apartheid movement and political party. We stop as well outside Walter Sisulu's former home â?? the man Nelson Mandela called his "mentor" and that introduced Mandela to politics.

The tour continues to the Hector Pieterson Museum commemorating the student's uprisings on 16 June 1976. Here you will have about an hour to visit the museum to go in depth with Soweto's history and what happened on that fatal day.

Back on the bicycles we cycle down Vilakazi street. The first stop on this famous street is by Nelson Mandela's former home â?? today a museum. The guide will tell you about this icon and world leader and his enormous contribution to a democratic South Africa. Just down the street is the home of another great man â?? Archbishop Desmond Tutu making this street the only street in the world that was home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners.

We now leave the more quiet and suburb-like area of Orlando West, making our way to the busy streets of Orlando East. Cruising along the streets viewing the different areas of Orlando, we will stop for a few photo opportunities and we will see the famous brightly painted Cooling Towers on a distance.

The route thereafter takes us through the area of Klipspruit and through squatter camps as well as an area where new low cost houses are being build.

Soweto is all about contrasts - our next stop is at Maponya shopping mall named after Soweto's big business man Richard Maponya. Here we catch some breath and get some refreshments if needed before we continue making our way to Kliptown.

When arriving in Kliptown we will take you in to the informal settlement to meet community members and youth NGO's who strive for a better life for the young ones. Be introduced to their work and learn more about the conditions in an informal settlement. We then stop at the Walter Sisulu square of dedication where the Freedom Charter was signed in 1955 by the anti-Apartheid movement. Learn more about the rights the activists then fought for which today forms the country's constitution.

Back on the saddles, it is now time to head back to our start and end-point. You will see more communities along the way back and making some short stops for some refreshments to get that last energy going. Back at Lebo's you can relax in our park or at the beach bar with a well-deserved drink or two!



Same as pick up point.


Same as pick up point.


  • Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Traditional beer
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Entrance to Hector Pieterson museum


  • Any other museum entrances
  • Additional drinks and snacks

What should I bring?

  • Camera
  • Sun block
  • Rain jacket (during our rainy season: November-March)
  • Pocket money for additional snacks on the road or souvenirs at the market
  • Optional, Donation: Some tours will stop at a pre-school or NGO, you can if you want donate a small amount of money, toys or educational material.

What should I wear?

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Extra sweater or rain jacket
  • In winter (June-August): A couple of layers with a jacket or jersey as winter mornings starts of quite cold but as the day goes the weather usually warms up to 20 degrees.

How fit do I need to be?

  • You need to be fairly fit, people of all ages can do this tour (we don't recommend children under the age of 12 years however to do this tour)
  • bear in mind that although the tour has many stops you will be out for the whole day (8 hrs).

What skills do I need?

  • Good cycling skills to manage a few longer stretches of cycling - but remember it is a tour and not a race!

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