The Crayfish Trail - Backpacker Edition - Accommodated

Price from: R1500 per person

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

This option offers the ultimate experience of the West Coast over 3 glorious days! Your days are spent backpacking on diverse types of terrain including miles of tranquil sandy beaches, fynbos paths, jeep tracks, single track paths, and simply finding your way alongside river banks.

Guests will carry their own equipment but will stay in dorm rooms overnight. Hikers will be exposed to the natural beauty of the area while being led by a local community member. When guests arrive at their destination at the end of a lovely day all they need to do is relax and make their own meal on a fire or the available kitchen. This option will include one communal meal in the evening to experience the best of what the West Coast has to offer and to interact with the local community.

The trail requires guests to be moderately fit. A support vehicle will be on standby, however we stagger days to have some longer distances followed by shorter more activity based days.


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Day 1: Arrival - Elands Bay

Hikers arrive at Elands Bay at 14:00 and stay overnight. We explore the small fishing and surfing town of Elands Bay. Your guide will show you to Baboon Point, a provincial heritage site, along with the caves and rock art left by the San. (9km)

Depending on time of arrival, activities/routes include:

  • Surfing (swell dependent)
  • Birding (there are various resident raptors including our resident Black Eagle pair).

Overnight at the Elands Bay Hotel's hostel which is close to the beach and has fire, braai, kitchen and shared bathroom amenities. There are two small grocery shop with a limited selection of fruits, vegetables, frozen meats and some treats. There is also a bottle shop all within walking distance. Be sure to buy enough as there are no shops at your next nightâ??s accommodation in Steenbokfontein. Enjoy the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 2: Hiking - Steenbokfontein

The longest of the days hiking, day two, is a 18km journey. Don't panic, the route is flat! The terrain is a choice of either beach all the way (which can be soft at times), or a dirt road alongside the railway. We allocate approximately 4 hours on this leg of the Crayfish Trail. Guests hike along the idyllic and seemingly endless beaches, often without another soul around. Overnight at the iconic and traditional Steenbokfontein farm. There is no nearby shop, so supplies will need to be bought in Elands Bay the night before.

Activities & Routes include:

  • Hike to Steenbokfontein (18km/4 hours)
  • A guided visit of the Steenbokfontein caves
  • Surfing at Farmer Burgers/secrets
  • Tractor ride around the farm

Day 3: Hiking & Departure in Lampert's Bay

A shorter day in distance, but full of exciting things to do and interesting people to meet. Although it's a shorter distance to Lambert's Bay, about 12km, we start early to make the most of the last day. We visit Bird Island, another of Cape Nature's Reserves, which is home to the rare and endangered breeding colony of Cape Gannets. Hikers will have a chance to see the harbour and hear from local fishermen.

Activities & Routes include:

  • Hike to Lambert's Bay (12 km/3 hours)
  • Guided trip of Bird Island (to be arranged in advanced)
  • Surfing Yoyo's
  • Explore the town and visit the museum
  • Hear about the Abalobi initiative and its impact on the fishing community.
  • Possibility of buying fish from locals (dependent on availability of the day's fishing)

We pack up and can prearrange lift back to vehicles, or we can arrange transport back to the Day 1 arrival location. Then sit back and relax as you enjoy an easy 3.5 hour drive back to Cape Town.



Vensterklip Guest Farm


Vensterklip Guest Farm


  • Accommodation
  • A local guide to show the route and learn with.
  • Wood and charcoal at each campsite.
  • A lift back to your vehicles in the morning of the last day.
  • A tractor ride.
  • A backup/support vehicle.
  • Maps and routes.
  • An unforgettable experience.
  • Emergency support (doctor on call/evac plan).


  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Conservation
  • Any other extras

What should I bring?

  • Suitable backpack. 60 liter +. You will need to carry all your stuff with you
  • Water Bottles/bladder. Suitable to hold at least 2.5 liters.
  • Extra pair of sneakers or comfy shoes for the evenings. At the end of long day's hike & well deserved soak in the tub, you really donâ??t feel like putting on your smelly hiking boots again. An extra pair of tekkies / sneakers is a good option - as these can also be used as a back-up if your boots are giving you blisters. A pair of strops or crocs - provides a good option as a break from hiking boots for those who want to feel the sand between their toes.
  • Underwear - thermal if you struggle with the cold)
  • Swimming costume.
  • 2 Fleeces - 1 base layer fleece (usually enough for summer & day hiking in winter) + 1 warmer for winter months - 3 season fleece with wind protection (if fleece doesn't have wind protection - it does little against cold winds).
  • Summer: Lightweight water & windproof Jacket. Winter: Recommend a good quality waterproof jacket.
  • Small/ lightweight towel - useful for the swimming spots.
  • Shower towel
  • Buff - good for keeping neck & ears warm during winter, or wet & keep cool in summer
  • Salt/pepper/condiments
  • Personal Toiletries: Toothpaste & Toothbrush, Deodorant, Soap, shampoo etc., Facecloth, Sunscreen - at least Factor 30 (apply and reapply) & SPF Lip Balm.
  • Hiking Accessories: Small Headlamp or lightweight torch, Toilet paper in Ziploc bag (Toilet paper also supplied at the accommodation), Extra Ziplock / Black bin bags, Money (for food and other needs/wants)
  • Emergency Items: Whistle (useful in misty conditions if you lose sight of people), Cellphone (in waterproof casing/ ziplock bag) - at least 2 people should be carrying a cellphone in the group, Space Blanket, Emergency Contact Numbers (& emergency contact details for family members of your fellow hikers).
  • We recommend that as a hiking group you allocate or put together a medications kit

What should I wear?

  • Suitable hiking/walking shoes. The majority of the terrain is on the beach, with a combination of jeep tracks, road and vlei (wetland).
  • Wide brimmed hat or peak with backflap to prevent neck burn.
  • 3 pairs of suitable hiking socks (wool or synthetic variants work well, as they are also more breathable).
  • 2 Quick-drying /wicking shirts. Long sleeve moisture management or cotton shirts also help prevent sunburn
  • Comfortable hiking shorts (quick-dry is also good, as these can also be used for a fresh Atlantic Ocean swim).
  • Long pants for walking if cold as well as evening longs/jeans.

How fit do I need to be?

The trail requires guests to be moderately fit

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