Short Range Certificate (VHF Radio) - KNYSNA

Price from: R 2,500 pp

Duration: 2-days

The SAMSA Short Range Certificate (SRC) is an accredited programme to equip participants to complete the prescribed examination to be issued a SAMSA Marine DSC/VHF Radio license.


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The Maritime Mobile Service * Why we need this? * What are your expectations? * Programme overview

VHF Radio Communications
* General Principles and basic features of the maritime mobile service relevant to vessels subject to a compulsory fit under the SOLAS convention * Regulations obligatory procedures and practices

Radio Equipment * VHF radio installation * Antennas, interfacing and power sources * Tuning/switching & fault finding on equipment

Radiotelephony Communication Procedures * Practical and theoretical knowledge of radio communication procedures * Ability to exchange communications relevant to the safety of life at sea * Distress, urgency, safety, routine and general communications

Digital Selective Calling
* Digital selective calling * DSC distress, urgency and safety communication procedures * Protection of distress frequencies

GMDSS System
* System overview of the GMDSS structure * Search and rescue (SAR) * Alerting, communication and locating signals * Maritime Safety Information (MSI)

Assessment Guide * Written & oral examination sample questions * Practical proficiency checklist



TH10 Long Street, Thesen Harbour Town


TH10 Long Street, Thesen Harbour Town


  • Training manual(s)
  • Theory tuition & practical training on simulator
  • Tea/coffee and biscuits for mid-morning & mid-afternoon


  • Refreshments
  • Lunch (available from various nearby restaurants)

What should I bring?

  • Notepad & pen

What should I wear?

  • Casual / comfortable attire

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